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I have chosen to include here some words and their definitions so you may be able to easier understand my website. I have listed most of the words in English, and in some cases have included the word in parenthesis in Italian. If the word is 'already' Italian you will find the pronunciation in parenthesis.

ADEPT (Adepto - ah-dep-toe) - A person who is skilled in occult wisdom and/or magical powers, as a result of the study of various mystical techniques.

AIR (Aria - ah-ree-ah) - one of the four creative elements, associated with the east and with the ritual wand

ALPENA - Guardian of the Eastern Portal between the Worlds

AMULET (Amuleto) - An object, image, drawing or inscription imbued with magical properties to ward off the evil eye; also worn to bring good luck as a kind of lucky charm.

ARADIA - There appear to be 4 'Aradia's': Queen of the Witches (daughter of Diana and Lucifer); a Holy Woman who lived in 14th century Italy who taught Witchcraft; the subject of Leland's book; and known as Herodias according to the Bible, was responsible for the beheading of John the Baptist.

AUTUMN (Autunno - ah-oo-toon-noh)

BENANDANTI - 'good witches' who fought ritual battles over the fate of the harvest against the Malandanti

BOSCHETTO (boss-ket-oh) - a grove or forest, modern Italian word for coven

BUCCHERO (boo-koo-roh) - Etruscan black ceramic ware

CAERE (see-ree) - ancient city of Etruria, c.30 mi (50 km) N of Rome, Italy, at the site of the modern Cerveteri.

CAULDRON - (calderotto)

CHIUSI (kee-oo-see) - Clusium, Etruscan Chamars, town (1987 est. pop. 9,300), in Tuscany, central Italy, in the Apennines. Chiusi was one of the 12 sovereign towns of ancient Etruria

CONGREGA - coven or group

EARTH (Terra - teh-rah) - one of the four creative elements, associated with the north and with the ritual pentacle

ELEMENTALS - beings of the four elements of Creation: Earth - Gnomes; Air - Slyphs; Fire - Salamanders; and Water - Nymphs or Undines.

FAMILAIR (Familiare - fah-mee-lee-ah-rah) - any creature or spirit with which you establish a pyhchic rapport beneficial to both parties

FIRE (Fuoco - foo-oh-koh) - one of the four elements of Creation, associated with the south and with the ritual spirit blade

FIRENZE (fee-ren-tseh) - Florence, city in Tuscany, Italy

GRIGORI - Guardians of the portals between Worlds, also called the Watchers/Guardians/Keepers

HARUSPEX - Etruscan method of divination which involved the foretelling of future events from an examination of the entrails of slaughtered animals, usually a sheep or an ox.

JETTATURA - the power of the 'evil eye'.

LARE - ancestral Spirits, worshipped in home shrines

LASA - Spirits of the Old Ways. Protectors and helpers in the Spirit World and can be evoked for assistance

MAGA (mah-jah) - sorceress

MAGIA (mah-jee-ah) - witchcraft

MAGO (mah-joh) - magickian

MALANDANTI - 'evil witches' who fought ritual battles over the outcome of the harvest against the Benandanti

MALOCCHIO (Ma-lock-ee-oh) - the 'evil eye' or the 'overlook'; could be intentional or unintentional

MEANA - Guardian of the Western Portal between the Worlds

MITHRAISM - a personal faith, emphasizing the conflict of good and evil, and the reward of virtue and punishment of wickedness in the afterlife.

NUMEN - consciousness or spirit within all things, gave power to the forms in Nature

RAETIC (ree-tik) - an extinct language of uncertain affinities that was spoken in Rhaetia and written with the Etruscan alphabet.

SETTRANO - Guardian of the Southern Portal between the Worlds

STREGA (stray-gah) - female witch

STREGHERIA (stray-gare-e-ah) - the religion of Italian Witches

STREGONE (stray-go-nay) - male witch

TAGA or TAGO - Guardian of the Northern Portal between the Worlds

TAGES - a mysterious boy in Etruscan mythology with the wisdom of an old man who was ploughed up, or who sprang from the ground at Tarquinii.

TARQUINII (tär-kwin-ee) - ancient city of Etruria. It was defeated in wars with Rome in the 4th cent. B.C. In the 3d cent. B.C. it lost its independence. Tarquinii continued to exist far into the Christian era and was sacked by the Arabs. After the 9th cent. A.D. it was superseded by nearby Corneto, which is now called Tarquinia and has a museum with Etruscan antiquities. Much knowledge of Etruscan life has been gained from paintings on the walls of tombs in the necropolis of Tarquinii

TREGUA (tray-gah) - term for Full Moon gatherings

TREGUENDA (tray-gwen-dah) - term for the eight seasonal rites

VEGLIA (vay-lee-ah) - oral family history and traditions

VEGLIONE (vay-lee-oh-nay) - Full Moon ceremony (in modern Italian this translates to 'late night parties')

WATER (Acqua - ah-koo-ah) - one of the four creative elements associated with the west and with the ritual chalice

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