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The pantheon of all ages of Italy is a complex civilization and there are many components to the identity of a God. Both Gods & Goddesses are an integral part of Stregheria. This two-gendered pantheon mirrors the duality of nature. Here is a partial listing of numerous Gods & Goddesses of some Stregheria traditions and of ancient Etruria.

AGENORIA - Etruscan Goddess to arouse action

ANTEROS - God of passion

APLU - Etruscan weather god

ASTREA - Goddess of justice

BELCHANS - Etruscan god of fire

CARMEN/CARMINA - Goddess of the casting of spells and of enchantments

CAUTHA - Etruscan Sun God; he is depicted rising from the sea

CLOACINA - Etruscan Goddess of Sewers and Filth; also the protector of sexual intercourse in marriage

CHARUN - Etruscan God of the Underworld; his function was to lead the dead to the Underworld to enjoy a happy afterlife

COMUS - God of revelry, feasting and drinking

CORVUS - Messenger of the Gods

COPIA - Goddess of wealth and plenty

DIANA - The Triad goddess: Maiden, Mother & Crone, the goddess of all witches (remember that 'Diana' is a name associated with the goddess in several traditions, places and times. There are many variations and faces of 'Diana')

DIANUS - Nature God of fertility, Horned God of the Woods, consort of Diana

EGERIA - Etruscan Goddess of Fountains, she possessed the gift of prophecy

EGESTA - Sicillian Goddess of Grain

FANA - Goddess of the Earth , forests wildlife and of fertility

FAUNUS - Etruscan nature god of the forest, wildlife and of fertility

FEBRUUS - Etruscan God of purification, initiation and of the dead

FELICITAS - Etruscan Goddess of Good Luck

FERONIA - Etruscan Goddess who protects freedmen; she made her home in woodlands or at the foot of mountains.

FORTUNA - Goddess of fortune, fate, blessing, luck and fertility

FUFLUNS - Etruscan God of wine, vegetation, vitality and gaiety

FURINA - Etruscan Goddess of darkness and robbers

GIUNONE - Goddess of childbirth; also jealous and haughty

HORTA - Etruscan Goddess of Agriculture

HYBLA or HYBLAEA - Sicillian Earth Goddess

IBLA - Sicillian Godess of beauty, love and fertility

JANA - Goddess of the Moon

JANUS or GIANO - Etruscan God of the Sun and of all beginnnings, portals, doorways and threshholds; associated with journeys

LALAL - Etruscan Moon Godddess

LARAN - Etruscan God of War; depicted as a youth armed with a lance and helmet and wearing a cape

LOSNA - Etruscan Moon Goddess

LUPERCUS - God of agriculture, the Wolf God

MENRVA - Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts

MLUKUKH - Etrtuscan Goddess of Love

MUNTHUKH - Etruscan Goddess of Health

MURCIDA - Etruscan Goddess to make a person extremely inactive

NETHUNS - Etruscan God of Fresh Water; identified with wells and springs and depicted as a naked and bearded figure

NORTIA - Etruscan Goddess of Healing and Fate

NOX - Goddess of the Night

PERTUNDA - Goddess of sexual love and pleasure

PICUS - Etruscan Woodland God; agricultural deity associated with the fertilization of the soil with manure

SENTINUS - Etruscan God who gives sensibility

STRENIA - Etruscan Goddess to make man especially strenuous

SUMMAMUS - Etruscan Storm God; he is responsible for lightening and thunderbolts

TAGNI - Most ancient name for the God of Witchcraft

TANA - The Star Goddess

TANUS - The Star God, consort to Tana

TERMINUS - God of boundaries and fields, protector of personal property

THALNA - Etruscan Goddess of Childbirth; depicted as a youthful woman

TINIA or TIN - Supreme Etruscan Sky God, married to UNI

TUCHULCHA - Etruscan Goddess of Death; she is part human, part bird, and part animal, with snakes in her hair and around her arms.

TURAN - Etruscan Goddess of Love, Health and Fertility; usually portrayed as a young woman with wings on her back

TURMS - Etruscan messenger God

UMBRIA - Goddess of the shadows and of things which are hidden or secret

UNI - Etruscan name for the Goddess of witchcraft

VANTH - Etruscan Goddess of Death; she is depicted with wings, a cap on her head, and a key to open tombs in her hand.

VEIVE - Etruscan God of Revenge; portrayed as a young man wearing a laurel wreath and holding arrows in his hand

VESTA - Goddess of the hearth and fire

VIRBIUS - God of outcasts and outlaws, guardian of sanctuaries

VITUMNUS - Etruscan Goddess who gives life to the fetus

ZIRNA - Etruscan Moon Goddess; she was represented with a half-moon hanging from her neck.

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