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Why do you choose a magickal name? Do you need to have one? And how do you go about choosing it? 1 name or 2 names? combine names?

So many choices......

Sit down with a pencil and paper, a baby name book or website and write down some names you like. What are you drawn to? Do you consider your genealogical background? your personality? male/female/non-gender names? What does the name mean to you? Write down your ideas on each name, different spellings, meanings, etc.

Another way is to consider the following: What signs or symbols are showing up around you? Is there something that shows itself to you on a consistant basis? What are you dreaming about? Are you drawn to a specific Tarot Card? What do you want to aspire to in life?

It's up to you. This is going to be your magickal name so choose carefully.

Our name is a strong force in shaping our personality, part of our self-concept. Lets consider 'birth/mundane' names first. Take a moment and visualize an Ethel, and then an Amber, and (whether you know people with those names or not) you will come up with two entirely different images.

You can take a name from mythology (Merlin, Arthur or Morgaine), from plant lore (Willow, Rose or Fennel), from gemstones (Pearl, Ruby or Emerald) , from animals (Snake, Panther or Lion), the forces of Nature (Hurricane, Wind or Fire), colors (Ivory, Coral or Maroon) or a mystical idea (BlueMoon or MoonMyst) or a quality you would like to create in yourself (Joy, Harmony or Radiance). You can make up a name, combine names or mix letters until you find something you like.

The reason that some Witches like to match their birth number with their name is because your birth number does not change. Therefor when your name matches your birth number you are aligning yourself with that same unchanging vibration.

To find your birth number : your birthdate is 8-20-1970
8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 27
You add the numbers together until you get a single digit.
2 + 7 = 9
Which makes your birth number an 9.

Use the following chart to see if your mundane name or magickal name corresponds with your birth number. Say your mundane name is Jennifer = 1 + 5+ 5 + 5 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 9= 45 4 + 5= 9. In this case they would match. Keep in mind they don't HAVE to match. If your magickal name doesn't equal to your birth number, try different spellings of your name or try adding another name to make the value equal your birth number. You could spell 'Jennifer" other ways - Jenifer, Jenyfer, Gennifer, Genifer, Jennefer. etc. Play around with the name until you find something that works. You can use your birth/mundane name if you are happy with it.

Number and Letter Chart
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Just as you would when naming a new baby, be mindful of how the name sounds, what negative connotations it might posess, whether it lends strength to you or whether it distracts or detracts from you. Pick a name like 'Pink Tulip Moondrip' or 'Tropical Man Breeze' and it will be hard for folks to take you seriously.

One thing I would caution against in naming, is the use of the names of Gods/Goddesses. In my personal opinion, saying that you are Aradia, Isis, Zeus, Hera or Jesus takes a bit of hubris or ego. And the Gods themselves may or may not be pleased. Be very careful...choosing 'Lady Morrigan' may sound like a great name, but it not only carries some heavy baggage, but also may be viewed as sounding a bit pretentious. I'm personally against the idea of adding the title "Lord" or "Lady" to the beginning of a magickal name. Those are title of respect and must be earned.

Can you change your magickal name if you find it is no longer serving you? Definitely. People change. Their needs change and their understandings about themselves change, so as you grow, you may find the need to change your magical name.

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